Fattoria del Buon Profumo

We, from the Fattoria del Buon Profumo, have made the choice of leaving the city to live alongside our organic olive trees, our aromatic plants and our spices. With nature, quality and goodness. In the management of natural and biological agriculture, in the acceptance of biodiversity and in the respect for the specialties of protected origin.

We arrived in Castiglione della Pescaia with an idea: “small, extraordinarily tasty and of excellent quality” for our health and for the health of our friends.
There are six hectares of olive monoculture with 4 Tuscan cultivars: Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Moraiolo; and another two hectares of forest with oaks, heather, cork oaks, and aromatic undergrowth plants. One hectare has a vine of DOC Sangiovese Monteregio of Massa Marittima.

Fattoria del Buon Profumo is completed by a hectare of natural reservoir and by our pond, dedicated to the collection of rainwater due to the drought, more and more current with the climate change – and not to exploit the subsoil with artesian wells. We have near one hectare of garden and vegetable garden in respect to annex courts, laboratories, the house and storage sites, living together healthily. We cultivate our oil trees naturally, biologically and daily.

Recognizing the advances in vegetation, seeing the embroidered flowers appear on the branches, understanding from the colours of the leaves if they need water or organic fertilizer, we watch over small drupes and protect them from adversity until they reach maturity. Then, after the harvest, we accompany them to the mill. And it doesn’t end there. We also follow and trace them from the mill onwards, to give everyone the certainty of the quality of our olive oil biological and IGP from Tuscany.

Our Product

La Riserva IGP

Olio evo IGP Toscano 3 lt

Il Mezzolitro IGP

Olio evo IGP Toscano 0,5 lt

Il Piccolo IGP

Olio evo IGP Toscano 0,1 lt

La Riserva BIO

Olio evo IGP Toscano 3 lt

Il Mezzolitro BIO

Olio evo IGP Toscano 0,5 lt

Il Piccolo BIO

Olio evo IGP Toscano 0,1 lt