Educational Farm


Educational Farm

The educational and training farm of Buon Profumo is:

Environmentally friendly because it adopts organic production systems with typical and local quality. Oil, saffron and aromatic plants. Even the spontaneous scented plants in our forest are a richness of nature.

Cozy because, in 11 hectares of nature, it has also covered reception areas, for the realization of educational and training activities in case of bad weather.eEquipped because it hosts classes with the essential furnishing and equipment to carry out activities, with reserved toilets for guests and attention to adequate cleaning.

Educational because it offers “active” educational courses on environmental education and food processes, to recognize good taste, to enjoy the scents of nature and to discover rural environment. We offer daily and/or weekly courses.

Safe because it respects the rules of organic farming, current health and safety. There are access limitations or danger warnings in areas that can cause danger, especially for children. There are also attentive and vigilant carers and instructors for school groups.

The location of the Fattoria del Buon Profumo, in Castiglione della Pescaia, in the Maremma, strongly influences our work and that of our visiting friends. The city, with its beauties, its uncontaminated sea, its hinterland rich in crops and cultural sites, makes us special as a meeting point. The farm is perfectly integrated with the territory in order to partecipate consciously and fully in local development.

Moreover, the farm is an integral part of the  environment with which it interacts: the adoption of our biocompatible and completely natural production methods constitute a choice of respect and protection of the environment, which favours an ecological balance now and for the future.

Fattoria del Buon Profumo has many natural spaces to observe biodiversity. In addition to the olive crops, there are hedges, thickets and a “pond” from the recycling of rainwater. All the farm’s activities can have an educational function: crops, fruits, the biological cycle, the importance of useful organisms, the processing times, the use of organic waste in soil fertilization, the spontaneous flora. Every corner of the Farm can become a place of observation and work with the kids.

In addition to the learning activities with children and families, the Farm also organizes gardening courses, DIY, cooking and many other activities for adults who want to spend a day or a weekend together in nature during the year.

But all this is not enough.

We, from Fattoria del Buon Profumo, have our friends that help us in our daily work. Yes, for us, customers are first friends and then consumers. They visit us, work in the fields, chop, pick olives, participate in seminars, come to formative courses and eat together with us.

For us, this is the Fattoria del Buon Profumo: a natural lifestyle.

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