Our oil: Organic and Tuscan IGP

After left for the oil mill, a few kilometers later, our olives will turn oil. They are produced in Castiglione della Pescaia, in Tuscany, in our company near the sea, covered and protected by the hills and mountains that reach Mount Amiata. It’s an emotion to see the “green and yellow” oil we followed with affection and love, with good agricultural practices, with total abolition of chemistry, with professionalism and a lot of anxiety, almost like a child
to be grown and seen turned adult.

The milling is a great emotion, but mainly, it is a big party. The qualified organic and IGP production is minimal, both in quantity of olives and in oil yield, to guarantee an extraordinary quality and always fresh and clean taste. The organic #FDBP oil has extraordinary IGP Tuscan quality. Its heart is green like the hills that overlook the farm, its scent is like soil bathed in dew and it is flavoured by the sea that surrounds us.